Claim a PDU

Meeting, Conference or Symposium Instructions

1)           Login to, using your ID and password

2)           Select Certification

3)           Select Maintain Your Certification:  Earn and report PDUs

4)           Select Report PDUs

5)           Select Report professional development units (PDUs) (In the Left Column)

6)           For *PDU Category, Select “Cat A:  Registered Education Provider/PMI Component”

For Conferences or Symposiums

7)           For *Activity Type, Select “Find an Activity (Course or Event)”

8)           Select “Next

9)           For Provider Number:  Type “C343” for PMI Emerald Coast Chapter

10)      Select “Search”  - Returns Activities

11)      Select “Activity#”

12)      Enter Date started

13)      Enter Date Completed

14)      Select response for “*This activity met all stated objectives”

15)      Select response for “*Satisfaction with this provider”

16)      Select “Next

17)      Enter *PDUs Claimed: Enter # of PDUs earned for event (0 to 5000 in .25 increments)

18)      Select “Next

19)      Select Box “I agree this claim is accurate.”

20)      Select “Submit