About Us

About The Chapter

The Emerald Coast Florida chapter of PMI offers great opportunities to meet other project managers and to learn about project management. Chapter activities include dinner meetings, speakers, seminars and project management courses in cooperation with Certified PMI providers. Our chapter includes members from local banks, insurance companies, government contractors, manufacturers, state/local government and others.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) encourages member chapters (component organizations) to develop strategic plans/objectives to support PMI’s national goals and the long term growth/development of those chapters.  A strategic plan is the natural progression of the chapter along the component maturity model.  Since inception, the Emerald Coast FL chapter has focused on organizational and operational issues/activities.  To continue our growth and development, the Board of Directors (BOD) needs to focus on strategic goals and objectives.  The first step was to develop a 3-5 year strategic plan.  The chapter set out to do this to complete the PMI Performance Measurement Framework (PMF), the result of which is this plan.  The PMF in a new PMI requirement which all components will undergo in 2008-2009. The plan was built and is presented in the following order:  SWOT analysis, mission statement, vision, and strategic goals/objectives. This plan was approved by the BOD as part of our chartering activities and will be updated annually in November.